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Food Waste Wheeled Bins

Food Waste 120, 200 & 240 Litre Wheeled bin

Easy emptying & cleaning

We offer a quality range of plastic wheeled bins with innovative design for domestic & commercial food waste collection.

The unique Henkel MGB spherical base and the FatBOXX spherical base wheeled bin with sealed lid and locking clasps, is the ideal solution for the collection and transport of food waste.

The patented spherical base provides a very strong body structure for utmost strength to handle heavy weights. It also ensures that the container is emptied completely, no residues can stick to the bottom. 

Emptying and cleaning of the bins is much easier and faster, resulting in a cost saving of around 20%.

All wheeled bins are supplied with solid steel axles and vulcanised rubber (harder compound) wheels as standard which adds stability when collecting heavy, dense material.

The standard lid Henkel MGB 200 & 240 Litre can be supplied with an inner lid and lock for the collection of food waste in communal dwellings.

Henkel spherical bins can be used with either a manual or an  automated wash line system.

FatBOXX Food Waste
FatBOXX Food Waste
FatBOXX Locking clasps
FatBOXX Locking clasps
FatBOXX used to collect food waste
FatBOXX used to collect food waste
Henkel Spherical Base
Henkel Spherical Base
HENKEL MGB 120, 200 & 240L Spherical Base Wheeled Bin
HENKEL MGB 120, 200 & 240L Spherical Base Wheeled Bin

Technical Data FATBOXX 120L:

Technical Data FATBOXX MAX 200L:

Technical Data MGB 120, 200 & 240L:

Henkel MGB 120, 200 and 240 litre spherical based bins can also be used for collecting general wastes and recyclables


 Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)Volume (Litre)Weight (KG)
MGB 12048055496012010*
MGB 200580674105020012.5*
MGB 240580735106724013*
Fatboxx 12049855496012011.5*
Fatboxx Max 200580674104520015*

  *Weight is approx. depending on axle and wheel type.

Fatboxx 120L

Fatboxx Max 200L

MGB 120, 200 & 240L