Peter Ridley Waste Systems


Our compostable bin liners, sacks and bags are the perfect solution for keeping your bin clean and fresh.

The URBA & STELO kitchen caddy is the ideal solution for the safe and easy segregation of food waste. 

The URBA kerbside container is an easy, practical and safe solution for kerbside collection. 

The Urba Plus is a space-saving stackable container which is ideal for those small spaces as well as kerbside collection. 

The unique Henkel MGB with spherical base and body and the FatBOXX wheeled bin with sealed lid and locking clasps, are the ideal solution for the collection and transport of food waste.

The FatBOXX has a spherical shaped body for easier discharge and cleaning. The hermetically sealed lid (air and liquid tight) makes it a perfect container for the collection and transport of used cooking oil.

The UN-BOXX is an innovative container for storing and transporting solid hazardous materials of Authorised Packaging Groups I (x), II (y) and III (z).

The UN-BOXX Aero is a unique container which has been designed for the safe storing and transporting of used Aerosols.

The ClinicBOXX is certified in accordance with UN3291 and other Hazardous Medical Waste categories.  UN-Certified to Authorised Packaging Groups I (x), II (y) and III (z).

The HORTO compost bin with their modern modular design and ventilation holes for complete air circulation is the perfect solution for home composting.

Our battery tubes are distinguished by their sophisticated design are are the ideal container for collection of used portable batteries.

Our containers are ideal for the collection of domestic and catering used cooking oil.

Our Cargopallets are very robust with good structural rigidity which resists deformation. 

We offer a range of plastic 2 and 4 wheeled flat bottom bins for general waste collections.