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Used Cooking Oil Wheeled bin

Used Cooking Oil 60, 120 & 200 Litre Wheeled bin

The FATBOXX is an innovative container for the recovery of used edible fats, oils or food waste, animal by-products or slaughterhouse wastes.

The Fatboxx has a spherical shaped body for easier discharge and cleaning and the hermetically seal lid (air and liquid tight) makes a perfect container to use inside and/or outside.

The patented spherical base provides a very strong body structure for utmost strength and can be filled with fat at a maximum temperature of 110°C without causing deformation of the sides. Available in a translucent material to allow the level of oil to be seen from outside of the bin.

The specially designed lid is a simple dual clasp locking system, which can be easily opened and closed by hand. It is fitted with a rubber seal to make the bin air and liquid tight, preventing leaks and release of odour.

All our spherical bins can be used with either manual or the ultimate automated wash line systems.

Henkel FatBOXX in Commercial Kitchen
Henkel FatBOXX in Commercial Kitchen
FatBOXX Translucent Body
FatBOXX Translucent Body
Fatboxx Easy Palletised
Fatboxx Easy Palletised
Fatboxx Easy 60L Translucent
Fatboxx Easy 60L Translucent

Technical Data Fatboxx 60L:

Technical Data Fatboxx 120L:

Technical Data Fatboxx Max 200L:


 Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)Volume (Litre)Weight (KG)
Fatboxx Easy 60L400400753604.8
Fatboxx 12049855496012011.5*
Fatboxx Max 200580674104520015*

  *Weight is approx. depending on axle and wheel type.

Fatboxx 60L

Fatboxx 120L

Fatboxx Max 200L

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